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Nth Sense Pods

Nth Sense Pods is Nth Sense's humble effort to help people cope up with the challenges of life during the Covid 19 pandemic and embrace the changes of life after it.

We all have been through a lot, while we fights Corona all of us have our own individual battles too. The lockdown, and new social distancing norms have put us all in a social isolation. Everything is so uncertain, that we don't know where to look for comfort. Nth Sense teamed up with experts from different fields to bring you the podcast - The New Normal that addresses all the question we may have from all different aspects of life.

We hope that these real life stories will reenforce a positive light in todays anxiety driven world.

Meet Our Hosts:


Yash Bharwani:

Yash is the Co-Founder and CEO of Nth Sense

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Nidhi Gopiani:

Nidhi is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Nth sense

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